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ESG Recruitment

ESG Recruitment at Shaw Energy

Working for a greener tomorrow has been our purpose since 2007. Our
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) specialist executive search
recruitment experts’ source talented ESG professionals globally.
We connect the right ESG talent with global renewable organisations to
manage risk, and integrate ESG research for better performance and
improved sustainable solutions in every sector of renewable energy.

What is ESG?


Here, environment includes issues related to carbon dioxide and other pollutant emissions, disposal procedures, resource efficiency, waste management, biodiversity, and relationships with environmental regulators.

Investors are particularly interested in issues related to environmental responsibility. An excellent environmental program is a representation of the company’s commitment and ability to minimize its environmental impact.


The social pillar is concerned with how the company manages its relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and local communities. This includes, but is not limited to, how employees are treated, benefits, and diversity.

It is important for a company to have a defined social 'policy', a set of social values, and a demonstration of how these are (or are not) put into practice. Human rights issues, procurement processes, customer service, consumer protection and the company’s impact on local communities are also criteria to consider.


This pillar includes the extent to which management integrates sustainability considerations into corporate governance processes. Examples include cooperation with stakeholders (shareholders, investors, employees, partners, etc.), incentives, executive remuneration, and key indicators of success from a sustainability perspective. At the same time, attention must also be paid to corruption cases, conflicts of interest, transparent operations and the leadership hierarchy.

ESG helps bring relevant (non-financial) business risks and liabilities to the surface so that customers can make more informed decisions while also supporting sustainable investments.

Why is ESG so important?

Global climate change is directly related to ethics & practices of global organisations. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen that even as global organisations comply with applicable legislation, climate change has still become the foremost challenge of our times.

From greenhouse gases and depleted resources, to plastic waste saturating our seas and inadequate working conditions, it’s clear that practices of global organisations need to be deeply addressed.

ESG provides a framework for interpreting non-financial data, making the risks of environmental and social impacts visible and understandable to investors and also decision-makers who may be less familiar with
technical, scientific and social issues.

From diversity to our environment, ESG provides global organisations a clearer path to social responsibility.

“Specialist talent help protect our clients from ESG risks & help drive industries towards a sustainable future.”

Smart ESG Recruitment

We have expertise that spans the entire ESG and renewable finance global marketplace. When you need the right ESG talent fast, our premium executive search will deliver.
  • Premium ESG job listing with up to 5 candidates
  • SER consultancy once you post your vacancies
  • Professional ESG executive search services
  • Access to our global network of ESG professional talent
Get in touch today to discuss our ESG recruitment services. For permanent hires, contract & interim or annual retainers across all areas of ESG, impact investing, sustainable finance, climate finance, corporate governance or SRI.

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