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Climate Change

Climate change and our commitment to sustainability

For 15 years Shaw Energy have been committed to furthering the renewable energy marketplace, committed to placing the right talent that makes a difference, committed to sustainability and making a difference for our planet and future generations to come.

Shaw energy pioneer in renewable ESG recruitment, with our in-depth ESG knowledge and premium executive search ESG recruitment services, we ensure the right talent to make a difference.

We bring the right talent to the forefront of the fight against climate change, from sustainable finance & impact investment, to corporate governance and sustainability, our global ESG recruitment network is paving the way for a more sustainable future.

ESG is the pathway to sustainability & social responsibility

Renewable ESG

We connect the right ESG talent with global renewable organizations to manage risk, and improved sustainable solutions in every sector of renewable energy.

Sustainable finance

Our understanding of sustainable finance helps us go beyond recruitment, offering you a consultative executive search service to drive your sustainable change.

Impact investing

Shaw Energy ESG executive search deliver strong impact investment talent essential for your long-term sustainable success.

Corporate governance

We recruit ideal talent for corporate governance jobs in all areas of investment, distribution, risk, research and social responsibility.


Why is ESG so important

Global climate change is directly related to ethics & practices of global organisations. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen that even as global organisations comply with applicable legislation, climate change has still become the foremost challenge of our times.


From greenhouse gases and depleted resources, to plastic waste saturating our seas and inadequate working conditions, it’s clear that practices of global organisations need to be deeply addressed.

ESG provides a framework for interpreting non-financial data, making the risks of environmental and social impacts visible and understandable to investors and also decision-makers who may be less familiar with technical, scientific and social issues.

From diversity to our environment, ESG provides global organizations a clearer path to social responsibility and sustainability.

ESG recruitment for a better tomorrow

We have expertise that spans the entire ESG and renewable finance global marketplace. When you need the right ESG talent fast, our premium executive search will deliver.

What you get with SER Premium

    • Personal account dashboard to manage all your vacancies.
    • Featured top-of-the-page ESG or renewable job listing
    • SER provide up to 3 candidates within the first 14 days.
    • SER in-depth consultancy once you post your vacancies.
    • Professional ESG & renewables executive search services.
    • SER database and global network of professional talent.
    • Premium service SER social media job posts for each vacancy.

At SER we are proud to offer a professional renewable energy recruitment service where you can be certain of a dedicated recruitment now and into the future.

Get in touch today to discuss our ESG recruitment services. For permanent hirescontract & interim across all areas of ESGimpact investingsustainable finance, climate finance, corporate governance or SRI.

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We’re delivering the right talent in all areas of sustainable energy jobs. Let us help you find the most talented people.