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Corporate Governance Recruitment

Corporate Governance Recruitment

Corporate Governance is fundamental to any renewable energy ESG framework. Shaw Energy have 15 years renewable recruitment experience and understand the value of ESG and strong social responsibility. We first consult with you to understand your organizations ambitions and then source the exact professional talent needed to compliment your ESG framework.

We recruit ideal talent for corporate governance jobs in all areas of investment, distribution, risk, research and social responsibility. Including talent needed to drive your company’s overall mission and purpose, the values it operates by, diversity and inclusion, and sustainable investment to reduce environmental impact.

Our corporate governance recruitment services ensure your company has the right talent needed to develop socially and environmentally responsible investment strategies for a more sustainable and better tomorrow.

Corporate governance is the combination of rules, processes or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated or controlled. The term encompasses the internal and external factors that affect the interests of a company’s stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, government regulators and management.

The four ‘P’s that simply define Corporate Governance are; People, Purpose, Process, and Performance, the guiding philosophies behind why governance exists and how it operates.

Examples of good corporate governance practices include: Calculation of the company’s carbon footprint, diversity and respect for human rights within the company, transparency of executive salaries, implementation of a code of conduct for employees, and of course smart sustainable finance and impact investment to ensure better sustainability and combat climate change.

Corporate governance is an integral part of ESG (Environmental and social governance) that aims to instill policies and rules that helps maintain the cohesiveness of your organization. It exists to help ensure your company is transparent and accountable, while helping you steer clear of financial, legal, and ethical pitfalls.

Sustainable corporate governance drives you to consider environmental (including climate, biodiversity), social, human and economic impact in your business decisions, and to focus on long-term sustainable value creation rather than short-term financial value.

Well established corporate governance builds an environment of trust, transparency and accountability necessary for fostering long-term investment, financial stability and business integrity, thereby supporting stronger growth, more inclusive societies and a strong social responsibility.

Shaw Energy ESG recruitment services will find you the specialist ESG and corporate governance talent to structure internal policies from code of conduct and diversity, to skill and diligence. Talent to help drive effective leadership characterized by ethical values of responsibility, accountability, fairness, transparency and overall social responsibility.

Shaw Energy possess one of the largest networks of global renewable talent. Our specialist executive search services deliver talent that ensures you build and develop ESG teams that make a positive environmental impact, transparent social responsibility and long-term financial return.

Our understanding of ESG ensures we go beyond recruitment, offering you a consultative executive search service to drive your sustainable change. We’ll support with professional forward-thinking talent to drive your sustainable investment and social responsibilities now and into the future.

Shaw Energy Premium ESG Executive Search

We have expertise that spans the entire ESG and renewable finance global marketplace. When you need the right ESG talent fast, our premium executive search will deliver.

• Premium ESG job listing with up to 5 candidates
• SER consultancy once you post your vacancies
• Professional ESG executive search services
• Access to our global network of ESG professional talent

Get in touch today to discuss our ESG recruitment services. For permanent hires, contract & interim or annual retainers across all areas of ESG, impact investing, sustainable finance, climate finance, corporate governance or SRI.

Start posting your vacancies and Shaw Energy will deliver you the right talent.

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