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Impact Investment Recruitment

Impact investment recruitment matters

Impact investment is an integral part of any renewable energy ESG framework. Shaw Energy have extensive Impact investment experience, we first consult with you to understand your organisations ambitions and
then source the exact professional talent needed to compliment your ESG framework.

As part of our ESG services, our impact investment recruitment services help progressive companies invest to develop socially and environmentally responsible investment strategies for a greener and better tomorrow.

    • ESG recruitment

    • Sustainable finance

    • Corporate Goverance

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a positive financial return.

Impact investing is a general investment strategy that seeks to generate financial returns while also creating a positive social and environmental impact. Investors who engage in an impact investing strategy, engage in a commitment to corporate social responsibility and duty to positively serve society as a whole.

In our changing world, a good ESG framework with sustainable finance and smart impact investment is imperative for your company’s social responsibility, long-term financial return and positive contribution to combating climate change.

If your company is driving towards a low-carbon footprint and envision a net-zero future, then an ESG team with strong knowledge of impact investment is essential for your long-term sustainable success.

Shaw Energy provide ESG & impact investing executive search services, connecting you with talented professionals in all areas of ESG. We’ll support your transition to a sustainable economy across all areas of investment, risk and research.

We have our finger on the pulse of ESG. Our understanding of impact investing helps us go beyond recruitment, offering you a consultative executive search service to drive your sustainable change.

“The right talent delivering socially responsable impact investment matters to all”

Shaw Energy Premium ESG Executive Search

We have expertise that spans the entire ESG and renewable finance global marketplace. When you need the right ESG talent fast, our premium executive search will deliver.

• Premium ESG job listing with up to 5 candidates
• SER consultancy once you post your vacancies
• Professional ESG executive search services
• Access to our global network of ESG professional talent

Get in touch today to discuss our ESG recruitment services. For permanent hires, contract & interim or annual retainers across all areas of ESG, impact investing, sustainable finance, climate finance, corporate governance or SRI.

Start posting your vacancies and Shaw Energy will deliver you the right talent.

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We’re delivering the right talent in all areas of sustainable energy jobs. Let us help you find the most talented people.